Board game with pieces / scrolling images in sync?

Joshua Lawrence jjsonick at
Wed Jan 9 14:19:08 EST 2008

Thanks, Andres.  So a couple of extra questions:  how
does adding/removing pieces during play work when the
pieces are grouped with the board?  Are 'out-of-play'
pieces actually on the board at all times, but you
make them invisible when necessary?  Or do you
add/remove pieces to the group via scripting
throughout a game session?

Also, is there a good tutorial on using relative
positions?  The Rev docs seem to be skimpy on the
subject.  Sorry if this is a basic question, I'm still
new to Rev. ;)


> > From: Andres Martinez
> Hello Josh
> What you want to do is really simple. Just group the
> board with the  
> pieces, and when you need to scroll the board,
> scroll that group  
> instead. It will scroll both the board and the
> pieces at the same  
> time. And to move the pieces over the board, use
> relative positions.  
> We do the same on our Domino game.
> Regards,
> Andres Martinez
> On Jan 9, 2008, at 10:16 AM, Joshua Lawrence wrote:
> > Hello, all.  I want to emulate a board game with
> > multiple playing pieces, and the board itself is
> > several screens wide, so it needs to scroll.  I
> know I
> > can implement the scrolling board by having its
> image
> > set up as a group with its location locked and
> adding
> > vertical and horizontal scrollbars.  But the
> playing
> > pieces (also images) on the board need to be able
> to
> > change position when the user manually moves them,
> and
> > also need to scroll in sync with the board image
> > (moving in and out of view) whenever the user is
> using
> > the scrollbars.
> >
> > Is it possible to achieve that somehow by setting
> the
> > properties of the game piece images?  Or will the
> > scrolling of the game pieces have to be done by
> > scripting?

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