Finding duplicates in a list

Thierry 00bioarchimed at
Wed Jan 9 06:59:04 EST 2008


MacBook:  17 to 25 ms
with  691 duplicates from 8708 files !!!!!!

seems we don't have same results ?


on mouseUp
     -- number of lines: N
     -- all your files:       tList

     put "Ok start..." & cr into field "Fresult"
     put the milliseconds into tt
     put empty into listOfDuplicates
     put 0 into currentLineNumber

     repeat for each line tLine in tList
         add 1 to currentLineNumber
         if AlreadySeen[ tLine] is empty then
             -- first time we see this one !
             put 1 into AlreadySeen[ tLine]
             -- a duplicate one !
             put currentLineNumber & comma after listOfDuplicates
         end if
     end repeat

     put the milliseconds - tt & cr after fld "Fresult"

     -- only for debug
     put "number of files:" && N & cr  after fld "Fresult"
     delete last char of listOfDuplicates
     put "number of Dups:" &&
             the number of items of listOfDuplicates  & cr after fld  
end mouseUp

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