OT: MacBook randomly shuts down..

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Sun Jan 6 14:38:32 EST 2008

>Have you ever had to make a claim? I havent had a Powerbook, but the
>desktops (Mac) Ive had have never pooped out.
>Lynn Fredricks

Yes. While I was in France, my Wall Street LCD screen started going 
intermittent, but it hadn't progressed to the point that it was 
unusable. I had moved to France for a while and taken it with me, but 
I knew the fine print and since I didn't buy the computer there, I 
was out of luck if it had completely failed. Upon returning to the 
USA, it got worse, so I sent it directly to an Apple Certified dealer 
(this was before Apple stores existed) and had it back in about 4 

I got a G4 17" powerbook in 2003 and in 2005 (past the 1 year factory 
warranty) I had the Firewire ports go out. I  bought a Firewire/USB2 
drive, backed up my machine (thankfully the USB circuitry was not 
affected and the port on the G5 was USB2 -pretty fast) and gave it to 
the guy at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Stonestown mall in 
SF.   It came back, perfect, within the same week.

Apple is also very good about their refurb purchases. I bought two 
23" refurbished cinema displays and both had arrived with bad power 
supplies. I was able to trade both of them in for working ones at my 
local Apple store, after about a day of waiting for them to get 

Applecare has variable rate pricing. The cost for a powerbook 
warranty is going to be a lot more because they are more vulnerable. 
Desktops and screens coverage aren't nearly as much.

I like the way their tech people are recruited and trained. They 
don't treat you like an idiot if they see that the customer knows 
what he's talking about, and when you talk tech with them, you can 
tell that they know their subject well.

I have a MacBook now, first generation dual Intel, inherited from my 
dad, who eagerly bought it with all the trimmings, but never got to 
use it. He could barely push the right keys, and it was sad. He had 
been a mac user for years.. So far the fan has roared up strangely a 
couple of times, but it hasn't done the  shutdown thing. Yes, it has 
the full Applecare plan, too.

>Have you ever had to make a claim? I havent had a Powerbook, but the
>desktops (Mac) Ive had have never pooped out.
>Don't get me started on my Dell laptop though ;-)
>Best regards,
>Lynn Fredricks


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