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On Fri, 4 Jan 2008 21:13:00 -0500, Peter Brigham wrote:

> And, any ideas, anyone, on the non-response of the option-menu in Windows?

Sure, here's my thoughts on this:

> 3. I have an option list (a menu button of style "option") as a 
> navigation tool. On the Mac build, clicking on it drops down the list 
> of recipes; selecting a recipe from the list sends you to that card, 
> and typing a letter moves the hilited line to the first recipe 
> starting with that letter. Also, hitting <return> is equivalent to 
> clicking the currently-hilited line, again requiring no scripting, 
> and the scrollwheel (or two-finger dragging on the Mac trackpad) 
> scrolls the list as necessary, again no scripting needed, and up and 
> down arrowkeys move the hilited line (no scripting). AFAIK this is 
> expected behavior and is built into the way the option-menu works. 

Yes, this is the expected behavior, with some minor 
adjustments/clarifications (this is checking VB6 and VB 2005 Express - 
to see if anything's changed over the years):

- On Windows, in order to use the scroll wheel you need to either (a) 
*not* have the menu dropped and you need to have the mouse over the 
drop down menu (which will basically act like an arrow up/arrow down 
and select the next item for each "tick" of the scroll wheel), or (b) 
if you have more lines than will display (i.e. more lines than the 
'menuLines' property in Rev), using the scroll wheel will scroll the 
list that is dropped down, and will not actually select any of the 
items in the menu.

- On the Mac, I can't get the scroll wheel to work at all with option 
menus (are you sure this is something you're able to do, or am I 
missing something?).

- On both platforms, hitting the Escape key will close the menu and not 
select anything.

> The Win option-menu is not fully functional: the list appears OK, and 
> you can scroll it by dragging the scrollbar (not present on the Mac, 
> BTW), and clicking on a line takes you to the correct card, but the 
> scrollwheel does nothing (though it works with scrolling fields), and 
> <return> does nothing, and typing a letter on the keyboard does 
> nothing, and arrowkeys do nothing. Also, the current recipe is not 
> hilited when the menu drops down (it is on the Mac) although this is 
> scripted by setting the menuhistory on mousedown.

OK, some of the items you mention above *should* be working, and other 
are legitimate limitations of Rev's implementation of "option menus" on 
Windows. Here's the scorecard (I'm comparing this to 2.9dp3, the 
"latest and greatest"):

What Should Be Working For You
Note that this is with the default options (that means 
"traversalOn=false", btw, so "menu dropped" below means clicking on the 
option button with the mouse):

   With menu dropped:
       - arrow keys should navigate among the items
       - hitting the Enter key (Return on Macs) or the Keypad Enter 
should select the currently highlighted item, close the menu, and set 
the label of the button to the highlighted item
       - If you drop down the menu after having selected an item with 
the keyboard, the currently selected item is shown with a dotted box, 
but is not actually highlighted
       - hitting Escape should close the menu without a selection

   With menu closed:
       - Clicking on the "label" part of the menu (i.e. not on the 
dropdown arrow) will display the menu; clicking it again will dismiss 
the menu.

What Is Not Working/Is A Bug in Rev's Implementation
   With menu dropped:
       - Home/End/PageUp/PageDown keys don't change the currently 
highlighted item
       - If you drop down the menu after having selected an item with 
the keyboard, the currently selected item is shown with a dotted box, 
but is not actually highlighted; if you then choose another item with 
the mouse, and then drop the menu down again, the PREVIOUS ITEM (the 
one selected with the keyboard) has the dotted box. [Bug]

   With menu closed:
        - Scroll wheel doesn't flip between items, even if the mouse is 
over the button.
        - Clicking on the "dropdown arrow" part of the menu (i.e. not 
on the "label" part) will display the menu; clicking it again DOES NOT 
dismiss the menu. [Bug]

There may be more to add to this, but these are the things I just 
tested. There was a bug (#1639) in Bugzilla that addressed some of 
these, but it's been marked as "Closed", so I'm going to open a new set 
of bugs for the items I mentioned above.

Hope this helps,

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software, Inc.
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