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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jan 5 13:23:49 EST 2008

Peter Brigham wrote (rearranged back in common top-to-bottom reading order):

 >>> 1. The Win build will not open in a resizable window. I have set the
 >>> resizable of the stack to true both initially (as compiled by the
 >>> standalone builder) and in the preopenstack handler as a backup, but
 >>> no go. The Mac version does this fine.
 > Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> What is the mode of the stack?
 > Mode = 1
 > Now what?

Which version of Rev are you using?

Is the liveResizing property of the stack true or false?

In versions of Rev prior to the current shipping version (2.8.x), 
setting the liveResizing of a stack allowed the standard resizing 
behavior one would expect on OS X, but make the window border strangely 
narrow and extremely finicky to work with on Windows, giving the 
appearance that the stack isn't resizable at all on that OS.

Upgrading to the current shipping version is the simplest solution and 
will address a few dozen other bugs as well, but for the moment adding 
this in v2.7 or earlier may help:

on preOpenStack
    set the liveResizing of this stack to (the platform is "MacOS")
    pass preOpenStack
end preOpenStack

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