advice on a Rev-plus-internet setup (off-topic)

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Sat Jan 5 03:01:20 EST 2008

>  However, how are the
> text files maintained now?  Since you can use get URL <textfile> the
> same as reading a file on the (file) server, it seems to me that it
> could be as simple as adding the characters "URL" to your get/put
> instructions.

Thanks for the reply.

I had thought about using get/put URL if I continued to rely on txt
I'll give it a try.

But the reason I was thinking databases instead was the possibility
of several users getting/putting information simultaneously thru the

So, with this in mind, back onto the topic of databases...

After looking around the RunRev archives, one unexpected thing
came up. It seems that because licensing is an issue, some members
have suggested PostgreSQL over MySQL, given the former's clearly
stated (and free!) licensing policy.

Another thing I learnt from the archives (and from experience with
my current web host) is that connecting remotely to a database
is not popular among web hosts. They seem to prefer online management.

One web host that does allow remote access, and which is repeatedly
recommended by Rev users is Dreamhost. But, their set up is only

So, my next question is, would anyone care to recommend a webhost
that allows remote connections (via Rev, of course!) to a PostgreSQL


Nicolas Cueto

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