Porting a rev application to the web

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Fri Jan 4 16:09:38 EST 2008

Thanks, Andre.
I'm starting to work with RevOnRockets. May have a few questions soon.

On Jan 3, 2008, at 6:17 PM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Hello Richard,
> There is not a simple answer for that email. Porting a desktop
> application to the web is never easy. What I can say straight forward
> to you is that you'll be able to gather data from the same stacks or
> databases that your desktop application uses but you'll need to build
> a new presentation layer for we can't display stacks on the web.
> RevHTTP is your friend while development occurs. It's a simple web
> server that you can run inside the IDE so you can use the debugger
> while building your cgi. It beats doing it raw on apache.
> I distribute a package called RevOnRockets
> http://www.andregarzia.com/RevOnRockets that is able to help you, it
> has CGI libraries (including libCGI) bundled and examples, it's a nice
> educational package. I use it all the time on real world cases.
> My advise to you is, first split your source into modules that you can
> reuse. Create a stack library that has all the needed functionality of
> your application but doesn't deal with the presentation layer. For
> example, create a library for querying and searching your
> encyclopedia, for picking the specific data about a given wood and the
> like. When you have this part done, it will be far easier to wrap it
> around a CGI or a Desktop App or whichever you want.
> Cheers
> andre
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