Porting a rev application to the web

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Thu Jan 3 09:32:57 EST 2008

I have a fairly extensive Rev multimedia application (an encyclopedia  
on wood) which I've been selling for years via CD. I'd like to modify  
it so it runs on the web. I'm not sure how much of the currently  
functionality I can actually replicate via a browser, but I'm ready  
to see how far I can go with this.

I'm starting out knowing I need to use cgi functionality as the  
gateway, and I've recently had some experience setting up a Rev-based  
cgi server. But all of that was based on using text files, not Rev  

If I understand the possibilities correctly, I should be able to  
accept input from the user's browser which can be translated via cgi  
so that it effectively sends commands to my existing Rev stacks,  
almost as if the user was working right off the CD. I understand the  
output will have to formatted to html... no problem on that end.

It's not clear to me if it makes sense to use LibCGI in this process  
and/or RevHTTP. And, to the extent I should use either or both of  
these, I'm not clear on the simplest way to integrate them.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Richard Miller

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