OT: Discovering kdialog for shell script gui

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 30 03:32:27 EDT 2008

It may not happen often or to many, but if you ever have a Unix shell script 
you need to give a quick graphical interface to, kdialog is a superb neat 
package.  I had this need lately for some awk scripts, and looked briefly at 
some of the others which include xdialog, zenity, getgui (far the lightest 
but not real pretty).  Here is a basic page on kdialog with more examples 
than you'll need:


Classic KDE stuff, detailed, thorough, more options than you can shake a stick 

Yes, you can invoke a script in Rev, and I have, but the KDE people have 
integrated the shell itself with the gui, its not a bolt on.  You call dcop 
directly.  For instance, a  progress bar on the progress of an OS task is a 
native element you just call.  

Well, not very experienced in these things, you all may tell me this is old 
hat, but it seems really neat.


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