Basic Unicode issue

David Bovill david at
Fri Aug 29 14:03:15 EDT 2008

AFAIK Rev uses UTF16 natively for unicodetext, and for interconversion
between formats. So if you have UTF8 text from XML you need to convert it up
to UTF16 before you do something with it. So far so good - or am I missing

*Mixing unicode and htmltext*
The question I have is about html links with unicode. At the moment the
display uses code that directly writes out htmltext, and includes
hyperlinks. So the question is how do I get the UTF8 text into htmltext?

The ony way I can think of doing it is either to:

   1. convert the chunks utf8 to htmltext through the ugly hack of setting
   and getting the text of a hidden or off screen field --> adding the htmltext
   to the final output in the normal way
   2. well cant think of one?

Is there any other way?

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