ANN: libRevCurl

Mark Smith lists at
Fri Aug 29 09:00:12 EDT 2008

I've made a small change to libRevCurl to fix the fact that it was  
failing under Rev 3.0 on windows, due to a mistake on my part which  
came to light because "the tempname" has changed slightly under rev 3.0.

FWIW, the details may be useful to some:

The library uses a temp file and passes the path to it to an external  
process (curl). My mistake was that I was not quoting the path, which  
was fine as long as there were no spaces in the path...
Under 2.9, "the tempname" returns this: "C:/DOCUME~1/OWNER/LOCALS~1/ 
Temp/temp1", which is evidently windows shorthand,
but under 3.0 "the tempname" return this: "C:/Documents and Settings/ 
Owner/Local Settings/Temp/temp1" which is the long version containing  



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