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Jim Ault JimAultWins at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 28 22:50:08 EDT 2008

Just as we define local and global variables, xml what are called
'namespace' tags.  Most sophisticated servers (like Goggle Reader) use

I just build a small parser for a particular RSS feed where the data between
each tag is urlEncoded.  Since I am only interested in the <entry> tag data,
I only have to deal with a gs: namespace tag, and I delete it since my data
set does not need this.

Since data is stored in various ways in xml, I don't want to depend on a
library being updated in order to do correct parsing for my needs.

I agree with Terry.. it is easier to roll your own in Transcript, but be
sure to include good notes.

Jim Ault 
Las Vegas

On 8/28/08 5:50 PM, "David Bovill" <david at openpartnership.net> wrote:

> Thanks Terry - so it's a known issue? I think I'll ignore those tags for now
> in the hope that it get fixed.
> 2008/8/29 Terry Judd <tsj at unimelb.edu.au>
>> David,
>> You could replace them before you load the xml (maybe with an underscore)
>> or
>> perhaps try Ken Ray's (excellent) 'transcript'-based XML library, which I'm
>> pretty sure can deal with these types of entities.
>> http://www.sonsothunder.com/products/xmllib/xmllib.htm
>> HTH,
>> Terry..
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