EeePC follow-up: working with Rev

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Wed Aug 27 16:11:52 EDT 2008

Hi Chipp,

I too have an EeePC (the 1000h w/10" screen). I absolutely love it!!!! The
first thing I did was install Ubuntu (special version modified for tiny
screens). I can boot into XP home or Ubuntu Hardy in less than a minute. I
have Rev installed in both OS's. The greatest thing I added was the leather
cover/case from  Everyone
thinks it is a day-timer/planner until I open it and start typing. :-)
Another cool add-on for dual-boot systems is the EXT2FS for Windows. This
allows Windows to see the Linux partition as another drive letter. This
way, I can keep my Rev stacks centralized regardless of which OS that I am
currently running. More info on this add-on is available at   I know the smaller versions of the Eee may be
too small for Revs Objects menu, but on the 10" screen it fits in the
1024x768 compressed mode. In Ubuntu, only 1024x600 is available and the
bottom of the menu is cut off. You can get around this by rotating the
screen 90 degrees (via built-in software) to click OK. Eventually I hope
the 768 compressed video driver will be supported. Or better yet... if Rev
had an Eee version of the RevGUI.

Chipp Walters wrote:
> I've got the 701 which is the first version with the very small screen.
> I don't do any Rev stuff on it, but I still use it a lot. Generally, I
> to read my email, talk on Skype, check my RSS feeds and do Google Docs
> on it. It works well with GoogleGears and is perfect for working on
> long plane rides-- as the battery last pretty long when you turn down the
> brightness, turn off wireless and audio. Easy to cary even with another
> laptop.
> The best part, is you can boot up from OFF and be checking your email in
> under a minute. That, plus it's solid state drive provide, IMO, a very
> workable solution for portable net access.
> -Chipp

Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

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