EeePC follow-up: working with Rev

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Aug 26 17:09:50 EDT 2008

I've got the 701 which is the first version with the very small screen.

I don't do any Rev stuff on it, but I still use it a lot. Generally, I like
to read my email, talk on Skype, check my RSS feeds and do Google Docs stuff
on it. It works well with GoogleGears and is perfect for working on during
long plane rides-- as the battery last pretty long when you turn down the
brightness, turn off wireless and audio. Easy to cary even with another

The best part, is you can boot up from OFF and be checking your email in
under a minute. That, plus it's solid state drive provide, IMO, a very
workable solution for portable net access.


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