Where are the objects of a stack after 'start using'?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Aug 25 13:46:21 EDT 2008

Graham Samuel wrote:
> I had just worked out for myself that a set of re-usable substacks was  
> the solution to my "component" issue. The only downside is that since  
> the material is in a substack, usually I will have to use "send" to  
> invoke the handlers in the component, but that's OK really.

Not necessarily.  Eric's suggestion is a good one, and what I would have 
recommended had he not been so timely with his reply. :)

In fact, I use that setup with a library here which lets users edit FTP 
settings.  I have a growing number of apps that use FTP, and 
copying-and-pasting the same dialog was a time-wasting annoyance, so now 
I use one library for that which contains a substack which is the dialog 
for editing FTP settings.

Although the settings dialog is a substack, the handlers that drive it 
are in the library mainstack, so I never need to use "send".  I do need 
to have fuller object descriptions which specify the stack (e.g., 
'button "SettingsMenu" of stack "FTPsettings"'), but even typing a few 
extra tokens is still saving me time since I'm only writing them once 
for every app that uses those handlers and that dialog.

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