Revbrowser: checking for form submission

Andre Garzia andre at
Mon Aug 25 12:59:11 EDT 2008


tricky workaround is to rewrite the HTMLText property of revBrowser
and change the form to GET. Then you trap it with RevBrowser and make
your own code do the POST job, you take the result and insert it into
the HTMLText.

The idea of rewriting or modding the HTML content in the revbrowser
window is very powerful. You can for example insert runtime generated
javascript to capture all the data in a form and put all this data in
a hidden DIV. So anytime you want the data from that form, you just
get the htmltext and look for that hidden div. If you combine that
with RevHTTP backscript, you can make the page post data to your own
stack and then command the actual posting from there on, like a proxy.

All those are hacks but they get the job done. The easiest is to
rewrite it as a get method and use a routine for trap and forward.


On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 4:00 PM, David Bovill <david at> wrote:
> Is there any way to check whether RevBrowser is posting a form? I don;t
> think there is a suitable message to trap? I want to update some GUI
> elements if a user submits new information via the browser. As the forms use
> http "post" not "get" I don;t think any of the normal navigate messages are
> going to work?
> on browserBeforeNavigate pInstanceId, pUrl
>  put pUrl into field "Browser Address" of group ("Browser" && pInstanceId)
> of me
> end browserBeforeNavigate
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