HTML Color Codes

Hugh Senior h at
Wed Aug 6 17:41:09 EDT 2008

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Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 01:17:36 +1000
Hi Heather

You will find a ColorConverter at that does 
exactly what you describe. It's a Rev stack with lots of other info built 
into it including color-safe sets, RGB>REV>HTM equivalent names etc etc.


Last one before I jump into bed and thaw out after sitting at a computer for 

I was wondering how to translate the RGB names to the HTML equivalent when 
user selects color with the Color Dialog. For such use as with a html page 

If it doesn't exist already (though surely it's been done before, and I just 
can't find it): am I on the right track thinking that an array would be used 
to hold both code sets, then a function returns the html equivalent rather 
than the RGB? Or something!

Though I know hardly anything about arrays, never used them - only very 
vaguely know what they are and what they do. Kind of.

As I'm off to bed, I'll read up on them, then doze off to the sound of a 
script typewriter clacking in my Rev-Brainwashed noggin. :D

Tia and Goodnight til Oz morn!


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