OT: Original iMac ad influences

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Fri Aug 22 06:29:37 EDT 2008

On 22 Aug 2008, at 07:30, Judy Perry wrote:

> if anyone has any names that would
> be really cool, too, as the poiknt is not to say A[pple rules because
> they made colored computers buty rather to show students in a vary
> obvious, visual way, that computers DO have some sort of impact in a
> non-technological way on people, their social norms (different unit --
> think of the need for many of us to 'take calls in the stall' if you
> khow what I mean) and their non-computer tools.

of course there where dozens of see trough peripherals suddenly  
appearing, all sporting see trough cables. most peripherals reverted  
back to silver, but there's still lots of see trough cables on various  
products. (of course there's been see trough stuff before the imac,  
but there's always invention and then there's making the market buy  
billions of pieces of said invention (if you can call fancy  
colorisation an invention)). Of course that's not really a  
computerization of real life, as i have never seen anything non- 
computerish using see trough cables.

When I think of how computers change real life, I always think on how  
UI's are degrading in usability and intuitivity. A remote used to have  
a button for everything, yet never featured more then 30 buttons.  
These days there's hardly a remote to be found with less then 50  
buttons, and they always are able to invoke some sort of software menu  
(or even several different ones) on the tv to make a gazillion of  
settings. Both the remotes and the software menus normally are hard to  
use and incompatible with any other usage pattern, just like computers.



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