script not working when the stack is password protected, why?

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Fri Aug 22 04:46:11 EDT 2008

I have a stack for putting images together on a virtual board and make a new image from it. The following button script adds a image to the actual group "kopfleiste" which contains all images and texts etc. which then will be exported to a jpg file.
This script does not work when the stack is password protected, but works when this is not the case. What line is the reason for this?
on mouseUp
put the number of images of group "kopfleiste" into bildanzahl
copy image "i1" of group "vorlage" of card 2 to group "kopfleiste"
set the loc of it to the loc of group "kopfleiste"
put ("i" & the seconds) into bildname
set the name of it to bildname
put the layer of the group "kopfleiste" into kopfleistenlayer
set the relayerGroupedControls to true
set the layer of image bildname to (kopfleistenlayer + bildanzahl+1)
set the relayerGroupedControls to false
end mouseUp

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