RTFtext not there yet

Shari Coxford scoxford at hermansilvercpas.com
Thu Aug 21 14:30:00 EDT 2008

I've now set the formatForPrinting of the stack to true (didn't know about that :-), however, no change in text size of finished product.  Still printing huge.

Right now I'm working with the variable before putting it into the field to try to change all references of text size.  

Replace "fs18" with "fs11" worked as far as that went, but what if somebody messes with the original RTF file and somehow that "fs18" becomes something else?

All I know is that this is very messy.  This is not a clean create and print.  This really should be a simple thing.

I don't understand why printing a card isn't "what you see is what you print".  It always looks fine on the actual card.


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