htmltext frustrations

Shari Coxford scoxford at
Thu Aug 21 11:58:00 EDT 2008

Nope, not using a Mac for this project.  Working at the office, so I'm doomed to used Word, Notepad and Wordpad.

Notepad doesn't do any formatting worth a darn, so I nixed it.

The original doc was created in Word, and I tried opening it in word and saving as HTML.  Word in its arrogance added more garbage than I could have dreamed possible.  I tried saving from Word as RTF.  I tried copying the text from the Word doc and pasting it into a newly created Wordpad doc, and then trying to work with it.  

All of these looked great when I opened the file directly, but when Rev opened the files and read from them and set the htmltext of someField to the retrieved text, there were extra characters at the beginning of the field.  I tried getting the offset of the first word of the doc then deleting everything before the first word in the field, and ALL text in the field was deleted.

So I tried putting the text manually into a field, intending not to use external files at all.  Got it looking perfect with center, underline, tabs, etc.  Fld 1 is the template text, nicely formatted directly in Rev with Rev's formatting controls.

Get the htmltext of fld 1
Replace xyz with abc in it
Set the htmltext of fld 2 to it

And instead of 3 lines being underlined and centered, the entire text was underlined and centered, and nothing I scripted seemed to fix it.

So... now I've removed ALL fancyness, all bold, all underline, and am trying to work with plain jane text, and it's almost good except it prints as one font size larger.  Both fields have their fonts and sizes set, and so does the stack.  At some point it printed properly (when everything else was wonky the text size was good), now it won't stick with the text size I keep trying to give it.  

I know this should be so easy.  But it's like things I've done that didn't work seem to stay in memory or something.  I quit and relaunch to clear out Rev's memory but it doesn't help.

Very very frustrating!

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