LaTex -- Convert to XML

David Bovill david at
Thu Aug 21 05:33:07 EDT 2008

2008/8/21 Sivakatirswami <katir at>

> Anyone doing LaTex conversions? I need to get from LaTex to XML to
> InDesign.
> The LaTex format is straight forward, and writing a parser for it can be
> done. The job we have in mind will not necessary include all the complex
> LaTex mark up for complex math. This is simple documentation.
> But before I begin re-inventing the wheel I was wondering if anyone else
> has any LaTex parsing libs already built.  I could repurpose them. The
> existing tools produce XML that is too generic, or way over kill requiring
> "Super Nerd" skills to install complex unix low level bash scripts, as with
> most things, getting from A to G with Revolution, \begin{quip}{is that the
> name of our code now? :-) ?} will probably faster and simpler.

Having looked at this before, and tried and failed to write a robust parser,
I would stick with the tools other projects have used, and tweak the end
results. Especially if you have already tied and got XML output. Remember
once its in XML, writing an XSLT style sheet to transform it into the sort
of XML or text output you want - is not that hard.

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