AW: AW: bad print quality of a resized image

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Aug 20 07:31:43 EDT 2008

Great Jan, I tested your approach already with one image and the printing
result is really top, almost better as in 100% size. Obviously the printer
driver has much better algorithm for squeezing datas.
Now I only have to fiddle a little bit with a card and a couple of images,
but that's just fiddling.
Thank you very much!

> >
> Hi Tiemo,
> Take a look at 'open printing' in the documentation -
> basically, you can combine multiple print commands if
> you wrap them inside an 'open printing ... close
> printing' block.
> So your print script would look something like:
> ##
> on mouseUp
>   open printing with dialog as sheet
>   if the result is "cancel" then
>     -- the user cancel the print dialog
>     exit mouseUp
>   end if
>   put the topLeft of image "Fullsize Image" \
>       into tTopLeft
>   put the bottomRight of image "Fullsize Image" \
>       into tRightBottom
>   put the rect of image "Resized Image" \
>       into tResizedImageRect
>   hide image "Resized Image"
>   print this card  -- without the image
>   print this card from tTopRight to tRightBottom \
>       into tResizedImageRect
>   close printing -- now it is sent to the printer
>   show image "Resized Image"
> end mouseUp
> ##
> You may have to fiddle a bit with the 'into' rectangle
> to get it in the right position - this was entirely
> from memory :-)
> Hope this gets you closer to a solution,
> Jan Schenkel.

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