Media and Rev libraries

Shari shari at
Fri Aug 15 10:01:02 EDT 2008


I got it working.  I've got the latest version of Media.  Very 
embarrassed to say it was user error.  I left a word out.  It's 
working and I am very happy.  I cannot believe how quickly the 
project is coming along.  I'm hoping to blow them away with it.  I'm 
so accustomed to Enterprise which I have at home, but I knew I'd 
never sell them on the upper two choices of Rev.

I don't have myself set up over there to email the list, so I do that 
from home.  Hence the delay.


>Hi Shari,
>It is supposed to work. Which version of Rev Media do you have?
>revPrintField the long id of fld "Some Field"

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