AW: AW: missing a basic with drag

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Aug 14 08:20:55 EDT 2008

Hi Tiemo,

> Hi Klaus,
> thanks for answering
>> I always check what's necessary "on mouseup" in these cases.
> Hmm, works but not very "nice" if the user moved the image out of the
> boundaries of the window when dragging and it flips back into the  
> wanted
> boundaries, by mouseUp. I would think there must be a more elegant  
> solution.

You did not mention that you wanted an elegant solution :-D

OK, elegant is possible, but also more elaborate.
You will have to use "mousemove" handler and check the objects  
location in that handler.

Still at work, no time for more elaborate info, sorry.

>>> Additional question: What do I have to do that the user can resize
>>> an image?
>>> Selecting the image first, but moving one of the image handles do
>>> nothing
>>> happen :( Any clue?
>> Oh, this is a bit more elaborate.
>> Sorry, I am sitting at work and do not have the time for this right  
>> now.
>> Any volunteers? ;-)
>>> Thanks for coaching!
>> Macht fünf Mark!
>> (Little german joke :-)
> Hier haste nen Heiermann!
> (old german expression :-)

Firma dankt :-D
Yes, as you guessed, just another german joke.

> Tiemo


Klaus Major
klaus at

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