AW: missing a basic with drag

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Aug 14 06:35:17 EDT 2008

yes indeed it is very simple, so I hope it is as simple to keep the grabed
image within a rectangle "foo" while moving. I tried to compare the rect of
my grabbed image with the rect of rectangle "foo" in the mousedown handler
without success, because I can't stop the grab while mousedown. Then I tried
to set the left/top/right/bot of the image to the rect of the rectangle in
the mousemove handler in case my image left the boundaries, what technically
works, but not nice (with heavy flickering, etc.)
Probably there is such an easy answer, but which one?

Additional question: What do I have to do that the user can resize an image?
Selecting the image first, but moving one of the image handles do nothing
happen :( Any clue?

Thanks for coaching!

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> An: How to use Revolution
> Betreff: Re: missing a basic with drag
> Isn't it as simple as this:
> on mouseDown
>    grab me
> Works for me... is it meant to be more complicated?
> (Hehe, sorry everything else has been so far, I'm a n00b too!)
> *** I wasn't going to send this now I'm very happy to see that it was
> indeed
> correct woohooo! :D
> Cheers,
> Heather

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