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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 11 11:34:33 EDT 2008

David Bovill wrote:

 > 2008/8/10 Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> When you copy files from OS X to a non-Apple drive, Apple insists
 >> on also copying a metadata file with the same name of the one you're
 >> copying preceded with "._" (e.g., "MySong.mp3" will result in two
 >> files, one named "MySong.mp3" and another useless one named
 >> "._MySong.mp3").
 >> I could have sworn I used to be able to delete these types of files
 >> using Rev, but I've tried on a few USB devices formatted with FAT-16
 >> and not even "the detailed files" shows any of these dot files, even
 >> as the device itself shows me they're there.
 > Really? yes - you used to / should be able to see these files in Rev
 > - sure I've done that in the last months. Is this only for the USB
 > drive -  the NAS here shows the dot files in Rev - I'll be connecting
 > some Fat32 drives in the coming weeks so would be good to know?

In further testing here it seems "the detailed files" only fails to show 
the "._*" files on OS X; on Windows they appear in the listing as one 
would expect.

This has now been reported:


PS: Andre, thank you for the workaround ; it'll get me by until this is 

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