Mirye Runtime Revolution Moving to Monthy Issue Releases; First Release 808

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Fri Aug 8 14:32:44 EDT 2008

Hello all,

I am announcing this here and now so we can avoid the "What the heck is up
with Mirye!?" questions later :-) There are many, many long term Revolution
users and developers here who are very interested in the health of
Revolution as a product in the industry.

Also, its 08/08/2008, the lucky day in China for kicking off the Olympics -
perfect for our 808 release.

Mirye Software Publishing publishes Runtime Revolution in several markets,
including North America and Japan. We aren't Runtime of course, but our
goals are in cooperation with Runtime to bring Revolution to new customer
groups and expand Revolution availability so its possible for more customers
to get it.

One large corporate customer, for example, only sources product purchases
through specific corporate/government authorized partners, and we'd
otherwise not have them using Revolution.

We've made some great strides in penetrating the digital production market -
getting in the front door with Revolution Media and then customers loving it
so much they upgrade later. Customers in this market space tend to use more
types of tools and have more complex pipelines for developing projects.

To make Revolution even more attractive to this market, and not being able
to touch the source code of Revolution, we are modifying how we release
Revolution. Mirye Runtime Revolution therefore has a monthly, magazine-like
"issue" that includes not only the software itself, but also:

1. Long Term Benefits. Additional add-on functionality that all customers
2. Short Term Benefits. Add-ons that you must download during the specific
time period during which it is released
3. News, Articles and Other Information. Just like it says - information
that is useful and interesting to our customers, including recent
activities. Lightweight this month, but watch for expanded articles in
months to come.

To get the "issue" benefits, you have to be in good standing with us - this
means being qualified for upgrades of the Mirye release. This method of
release comes after many years of selling tools in the digital production
market and how product releases are managed in that market space.

"Release 0808: What to Do With Your Summer" is our first release using this
method. You can read about this release here on the Mirye site at
http://www.mirye.com and the benefits it includes. Even if you've already
upgraded or renewed through Runtime, stop by and read the news.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Mirye Software Publishing

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