AW: OT: copy protection / licensing for Mac?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Aug 8 09:22:21 EDT 2008

Hi Björnke,
your three are just the points, I am calculating too. Thats why I used up to
now the ProtectCD lock, which is without any implementation from my side,
pretty errorless (less than 0,5% support cases), not to be copied for the
standard user and in my case no disturbing for having the CD inserted,
because it runs off the CD anyway. (alternatively could the CD only being
inserted once a month or so)
Thanks for your thoughts

> > I'm almost certain SecuROM is cross-platform.
> The problem with most "Security" systems you can buy is that they
> often cause instabilities, slowdowns and malfunctions on your
> customers pc's, and you'll be unable to rectify them. As these systems
> are a prime target for hackers, their main selling point about being
> better against real hacking attempts are invalid.
> For Securing your investment, there's only three factors to evaluate:
> 1. How will regular customers be handicapped or disturbed by these
> measures
> 2. How much time (respectively money) do I need to implement and
> support the security solution
> 3. How easy will casual copying be
> Unfortunately many developers still think in terms of prohibiting
> hacking, which is similar academic as trying to stop spam from
> reaching your openly shown e-mail address.
> As for a recommendation, You could calculate a unique identifier,
> which is sent to you via the web once. Alternatively you can check for
> a certain file being on the CD. If you can make unique files onto
> them, then you could connect a unique number with the CD, similar to a
> dongle. But most customers only have one, maximal two CD or DVD
> drives, so they'll be greatly dissatisfied with any solution that
> constantly needs a CD inserted (Factor nr. 1).
> Have Fun
> Björnke

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