figuring out whether a given font has Unicode Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics glyphs

Randolph Valentine jrvalent at
Thu Aug 7 18:15:53 EDT 2008

 Hi, all. I have a question regarding how to reliably determine that a font
is a Unicode font which has Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics (CAS) glyphs. Now
evidently because I'm working with Canadian Aborginal Syllabics, even when I
use a clearly Unicode font having these glyphs, and ask for the
fontlanguage, it gives me ASCI. So I thought would write a script that 1.
selects a font, 2. sets a field to that font, 3. puts a CAS character e.g.
chartonum(5169) into the field, and if the font isn't Unicode, then no
character should show up. My little script (within an option menu that
provides the user with all of the fonts from fontnames) looks like this:

on menuPick pChosen
    set the textfont of fld "unicode_tester" to pChosen
    set the useunicode to true
    set the unicodetext of fld "unicode_tester" to numtochar(5169)
end menuPick

The problem is that even when I select a non-unicode font, I am still
getting the proper Syllabic character showing up for some reason. Anyone
know why, and what I could do to get this to work? Basically, I want my
users to be able to tell if a font they pick is a unicode font having
Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics. Thank you!

rand valentine

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