Still can not get revBrowser to load in standalone

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Aug 7 15:55:59 EDT 2008

Hi Tom,

Is all of the following true?

- have removed old versions of the external
- have double-checked that revBrowser.bundle is in the application  
- are making sure that any execution errors are properly displayed in  
a dialog  while running a standalone
- are running OSX 10.5.4
- have made sure that the externalPackages of stack  
"revExternalLibrary" contains "revBrowser" while running as a standalone
- have checked that the externals property of stack  
"revExternalLibrary" contains something like  "/Users/Tom/Desktop/Test/ 
MacOSX/" and on  
Windows it contains "C:/Documents and Settings/Tom/Desktop/Test/ 
- have made sure that the folder/file stated above actually exists and  
the standalone checks this using syntax like "file... exists" or  
"folder... exists" and the standalone shows an error message if the  
file/folder doesn't exist
- have made sure that the rect property of the browser object is set  
to an area that is visible on the card
- have double-checked this rect and your standalone displays it in a  
field or dialog window after you have set the rect of the browser object
- have checked that the revBrowserGet function returns the correct  
- aren't using any custom window shapes
- have created an otherwise empty stack, which displays a website in a  
browser object correctly while running as a standalone on both OSX and  
- did not put your standalone at root level but it sits in a folder

What made you think that copying revBrowser.bundle to the root level  
of the DVD would help?

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 7 aug 2008, at 21:22, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> Dear programmers,
> I still can not seem to get the revBrowser to load from the  
> standalone I am building.
> It should load since it is in the OSX package but it does not.
> In Windows it will not load either.
> I can really use some help here.
> Sincerely,
> Tom McGrath

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