[ANN] NativeSpeak 2008 - Free starter kit edition !

Girard Damien dgirard at dam-pro.com
Wed Aug 6 10:19:30 EDT 2008

Dear Revolution users,

We are pleased to announce NativeSpeak 2008, with a FREE "Starter Kit" 
Edition. Now you can try out this brand new RevSelect program for 
yourself and see how easy it is to make great looking localized 

New in NativeSpeak 2008:

- -Free "Starter Kit Edition"
    - - All features available for you to try
    - - Even distribute your own applications!

- Improved speed and reliability.
- Other enhancements and bug fixes.

NativeSpeak Starter Kit Edition ---
The Starter Kit Edition is a free edition of NativeSpeak, with it you 
can use the complete power of NativeSpeak inside simple applications for 

Compare your program created using NativeSpeak, with one made without 
its help, and see how much more professional it looks, and how much time 
you save!

To use the Starter Kit Edition, simply download NativeSpeak 2008:


and in the license manager select "Starter Kit Edition".

NativeSpeak Starter Kit Edition:
- Create little application that use the incredible NativeSpeak 
Translation/Geometry Manager!
- Limitations:
- - 15 objects by database.
- - 15 text string "Skip" by database.
- - 2 databases can be loaded in the same time.


Damien Girard
Dam-pro CEO.

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