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Tue Aug 5 06:48:21 EDT 2008

Thanks Mark I'll try it out now, cheers!

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Hi Heather,

A better way to do this might be to use a button with an icon. Set the
icon of the button to the ID of the first image. Then use this script:

on scrollbarDrag thePos
   set the icon of btn x to the id of img ("blue" & thePos)
end scrollbarDrag

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On 5 aug 2008, at 11:37, Eric Chatonet wrote:

> on scrollbarDrag pPos
>  set the layer of img ("blue" & pPos) to top
> end scrollbarDrag
> Le 5 août 08 à 11:39, H Baric a écrit :
>> And so onto a new headscratcher for today:
>> I was just wondering how to do this:
>> I have a slider with 1 - 3 start/end.
>> There are 3 images in a pile so only the top one is viewable at a
>> time.
>> When user slides slider, show an image (bring to top?) that
>> corresponds to the slider position:
>> The images are named blue1, blue2, blue3.
>> What I tried only confused the heck outta Rev and I had to suspend
>> dev to escape the stuckedness  :-o
>> on scrollbarDrag
>> ?!!!!
>> end scrollbarDrag

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