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H Baric hbaric at
Tue Aug 5 05:37:53 EDT 2008

Wow Eric, great work! A valuable contribution to be sure :)

I have found gold in the conference stacks especially! Thanks soooo much. 
Woohoo stop me now :-D

I'm in Australia by the way (anyone else from Oz here?)

I've noticed it gets busy at the time I should be Zzz-ing. I don't mind if I 
have to wait for an answer (or few hehe). The answers come when the asker is 
ready... and if the asker is asleep well she's most probably dreaming:

on wakeUp
    put breakfast into me
    repeat while awake
        if answers have arrived then
            set the haveRead of emails to true
            answer "Thanks Heaps"
            go getRevving to nearest Rev stack
            ask "Halp Again"
        end if
    end repeat
end wakeUp

Sorry a bit sleep deprived hehe.


----- Original Message ----- 

Thanks for the kind words: I wrote the Rev Search Engine to help all
and very often it helps me too :-)
I'm really sorry about using 'regex' in my last post but you guessed
it: 'regular expression'.
I'm sure you'll become a respected contributor shortly: you make
really quick progress :-)
And, as you saw it, this list is very kind and helpful.

Just a tip: many of us are not in Europa then posting in the evening
is sometimes a good idea to be read shortly in the US, Brazil, Hawaii
and many other friends places ;-)

Le 4 août 08 à 14:24, H Baric a écrit :

> Thanks Eric,
> I'm sitting here reading your message thinking "what the heck is
> regex" then
> it clicked! Haha, see how much I don't know yet?  :-P
> Thanks VERY much Eric, I was just actually using the Rev Search
> then when
> your message came in! Wow, great stuff! I'm off to explore more of
> the Rev
> universe... :D
> Thanks again :)

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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Email: eric.chatonet at

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