Speeding up get URL

Shari shari at gypsyware.com
Sun Aug 3 14:15:11 EDT 2008


I've done a bit of research and I don't think they have such issues. 
Several folks are doing similar things very publicly (the website is 
aware of it) and it doesn't seem to be a problem.  Usually if 
something is disallowed you'll find it referenced very clearly in 
their user forums.

For instance, images and words that are disallowed on your products :-)

If somebody does something and it's considered bad by the company, 
it's usually well documented for others to find and read about.

So I think I'm okay along this path.  We're all in the business to 
make money and if we, the shopkeepers, find ways to improve our 
sales, then the company that supports us makes more money, too :-)

If they were smart they'd be offering us built in tools so we 
wouldn't have to roll our own.  But you know, there's nothing better 
than Rev for rolling your own!

Keep that doggie rolling...


>Yes, something like what you are describing could easily be confused 
>with a DOS attack.
>DOS attacks are done by flooding a server with requests for webpages 
>to the point that the server crashes due to its inability to process 
>all the requests.
>Even if you are not considered a DOS attack, the company may not 
>appreciate the bandwith that is being used for you to continually 
>index their site and may deny your IP address access at some point.
>  - Noel

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