Getting the text content of a HTML page

H Baric hbaric at
Sun Aug 3 06:11:47 EDT 2008

Thanks Sarah!

I have to say I feel a bit like a *duhh* dog-paddling around in brain soup 
here. But I'm determined, and definitely progressing daily thanks to all the 
wonderful readily available documents and examples, as well as all the 
friendly live help on demand here. :)

Wow, your script even leaves blank lines between paragraphs (though multiple 
blank ones in some cases) - which is what I was trying to do by adjusting 
Eric's function, to try and maintain the paragraphs layout somewhat. With no 
success! Why doesn't "put return & return" work? LOL

Anyway, cool thanks for that :)

But, just out of interest, is there a way to script "if there are more than 
one blank line together, get rid of the extras and just have one" ?


Cheers, Heather who's study strategy is to follow whatever new path is the 
most intriguing in the moment and forget what she was doing (but doesn't 
care as long as she is learning SOMEthing). :-|


Hi Heather,

Welcome to the Revolution and please don't feel bad about asking
questions. It's great when people ask beginner level questions as I
think a lot of beginners don't like to ask and so get discouraged.

Your script for getting the contents of a web page is perfect.

For transforming that to plain text, there is a trick which may work
if the web page is not too complex. Try this:

put url "" into thePage
set the htmlText of the templateField to thePage
put the text of the templateField into field "The Page"

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