Getting the text content of a HTML page

H Baric hbaric at
Sat Aug 2 10:31:22 EDT 2008

Hi again *blush*

Okay, this is no doubt something very simple even though I've searched through the docs but can't find exactly how to do this seemingly straightforward task:

* Get the text only from a web page - no html tags, no formatting etc.

I can get the html doc to appear in my field by using:

   put url "" into thePage

   put thePage into field "The Page"

(is that correct?) If so, now what? :D

Is there an in-built way to do this, or do I need to write a script that kills all the <everything between these tags> tags?!

Thanks so much for your patience of a no0o0obi who's trying real hard to learn all the basics but should be sleeping.
Heather :)

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