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Sat Aug 2 09:05:27 EDT 2008

Bonjour Peter,

Actually, splash stack architecture is the best one because it allows  
you to run you app/exe and Rev IDE simultaneously with the same project.
You test the app and correct in the IDE: at next launch of the app,  
you'll use changes made in the IDE because most of your code is not  
in the splash stack but in separate stack files. e.g. without having  
to rebuild an app/exe.

Now as for user data, external files are a good choice but you can  
use stacks also assuming there is not any code in these stacks and  
they are simple containers you are able to restore (from a template  
stack kept in a custom property for instance).

Le 2 août 08 à 10:35, Peter Alcibiades a écrit :

> Yes, very true.  This is, now its pointed out, obviously the  
> underlying
> source of my power off/saving problem.  Its also an argument  
> against using
> the traditional splash stack and then a real program + data stack,  
> is it
> not?  One should rather have a program main stack, and then data  
> substacks.
> No need ever to save the program stack since it never changes, just  
> save the
> data stacks as changed.  Is this what you usually do?
> Eric Chatonet wrote:
>> I should have added that this way of doing never mix any line of code
>> with user's data in the same file.  And I think it important.

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