Retrieving text within 2 tags

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Sat Aug 2 08:11:02 EDT 2008

I use two different methods for getting text within tags. One gives  
the first tag, the second gives every tag. The second one allows to  
put every single occurrence into an element of an array, which is  
highly useful in some cases. Also, neither change anything in the  
original Data, removing the necessity to have it in memory twice.  
Finally, due to the nature of html, they allow the open tag to contain  
parameters, as many html tags can look like this: <div name="content"  

For getting a single block of text that occurs only once, I'd use this:

on mouseUp
    put url "http://whatever is correct for you/" into theData
    put "myText" into theTag
    put offset("<" & theTag, theData)+the number of chars in theTag +  
1 into theStart
    put offset("</" & theTag & ">", theData)-1 into theEnd
    put char theStart to theEnd of theData
end mouseUp

I normally use a repeat loop to get stuff within all tags of a certain  
sort, with setting line- and itemdelimiter. However, this is  
conceptually a bit strange:

on mouseUp
    put url "http://whatever is correct for you/" into theData
    put "myText" into theTag
    set the linedelimiter to "<"
    set the itemdelimiter to ">"
    put "" into theResult
    put false into tagIsOpen
    repeat for each line theLine in theData
       if tagIsOpen then
          if item 1 of theLine is ("/" & theTag) then
             put false into tagIsOpen
             next repeat
          end if
          put "<" & theLine after theResult
       end if
       if char 1 to (the number of chars in theTag) of theLine is  
theTag then
          put item 2 to -1 of theLine after theResult
          put true into tagIsOpen
       end if
    end repeat
    put theResult
end mouseUp

On 2 Aug 2008, at 01:34, mfstuart wrote:

> Hi all,
> RunRev: 2.90
> OS: WinXP
> How would I retrieve text that is within 2 tags, that has been put  
> into a
> memory variable?
> The text originated from a web site, using command "put url theURL  
> into
> tData".
> Such as:
> <MyText>
> This is some text I would like to
> retrieve. It is on many lines
> and all the text has to be return
> within the tags.
> Also, the text could have HTML formatting in it.
> </MyText>
> I don't know how to use the XML commands in rev as yet (a  
> possibility), so I
> would like to use the text chunk commands to do so.
> TIA.
> Mark Stuart
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