<OT> Attempting to troubleshoot my connection to this list

Shari shari at gypsyware.com
Fri Aug 1 10:08:54 EDT 2008


I solved it.  I don't use automated spam filters but roll my own.

The issue was this:  I have a list of acceptable To addresses, so 
that someone cannot spam my domains with something at gypsyware.com, 
somethingElse at gypsyware.com, sort of thing.  So if the incoming mails 
are not addressed to the right email addy, they go poof.

I don't know how it happened but the incoming list emails added my 
name in front of the email addy.

"goodAddy at gypsyware.com" became "Shari <goodAddy at gypsyware.com>" and 
that made it fail.


>Didn't get your email!
>I'll take a look at your subscription settings, but most likely its 
>a spam filter somewhere at your end...

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