Best practice question--Protecting auto-loaded Rev stack

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Feb 28 10:36:50 EST 2007

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 05:10:17 -0800, Mark Powell wrote:

> I am using the so-called altSplash architecture (standalone executable
> that loads an un-compiled rev stack) and have a basic best-practices
> question:  What is the best way to protect the rev stack?  
> Stack A:  Loader stack (compiled standalone)
> Stack B:  Main stack (uncompiled Rev stack)
> Stack B2: Substack of Stack B
> If I set the password of Stack B and B2 to "foo", then what do I need to
> do in the standalone A so that Stack B functions, but without Stack B's
> scripts being viewable by someone with the Rev IDE installed?  Or is it
> a foregone conclusion that the architecture presumes the Rev stack to be
> open source?

I you set a password, it only protects one from looking at scripts - 
the locked stack will function just fine. So Stack B and substack B2 
will operate the same way as they did before you set the password.

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