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Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at Cox.Net
Wed Feb 28 10:26:16 EST 2007

Hi Barry,

Have you tried to merely paste the image onto a card in your stack. I  
just went through doing this with over 50 images that were copied  
from ResEdit - obviously on a Mac OSX and Classic, but it worked fine  
and the images could subsequently be filled with other colors using  
the paint bucket tool. If you haven't follow my column at:  
<> you might check it out. The completion of the  
stack to which I'm referring takes place in today's column. You may  
want to go back and check the previous week's offering. It shows some  
of the images that were used partially painted.

Joe Wilkins

On Feb 27, 2007, at 11:48 PM, wrote:

> Having already viewed or downloaded all these graphical marvels,  
> can any one tell me why I cannot import a simple transparent  b/w  
> outline image, in png or gif format, to a stack (Media & Studio)and  
> then floodfill a color or flip-it without it deteriating into  
> something that looks like it has been dragged through a hedge  
> backwards? The stack I am trying to develop only has to do these  
> two operations; something I find any kid's art application can do  
> nicely.
> My 5yo grandson would be very grateful if someone can solve this  
> for me!
> Cheers Barry
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