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Wed Feb 28 10:00:33 EST 2007


> The ability to display combined unicode characters depends on the  
> text engine used by the software. Revolution's text engine is much  
> oder than the invention of combining diaresis. There is a slight  
> possibility that I am wrong, but I don't think that Revolution is  
> able to display combining diaresis in text fields.

Mark you are wrong I think.
copy this to a runrev field: np

For finding the chars and their unicode number please run on win the progs
charmap.exe in extended view. Search the letter n with ~ or with trema as you like and try the different fonts you have.
U+00F1 (latin n with tilde or some of the others) can be used in Arial,Verdana,Times NR etc. on win,
I do not know the way to do the same on mac. 

Regards, Franz

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