Droplets and AppleEvents

Dave dave at looktowindward.com
Wed Feb 28 08:08:11 EST 2007


Thanks a lot Jim. It's first thing in the morning here and I haven't  
quite woken up - not enough tea flowing through my system yet!

I'm not 100% sure what you mean here. I have a Standalone App that  
has a Splash Screen "Place Holder", this loads and then calls another  
stack, then depending on what the user does, other stacks will be  
opened/closed etc.

 From looking at what you wrote below, I am guessing that you mean I  
should have one object (in a separate stack file?) with a Script that  
has the appleEvent handler in it? This would be doable in my case,  
but I would have have the appleEvent handler object in the Splash  
Screen Stack and obviously not close it anymore.

Also I'm not sure if I should be using frontScripts or backScripts. I  
want this handler to take priority over any other appleEvent handlers  
and I don't want them to get the appleEvent message. In this case  
should I add the object to the frontScripts and then NOT pass the  

I'm playing with this now but any suggestions or advice would be  
greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot
All the Best

On 27 Feb 2007, at 19:09, Jim Ault wrote:

> On 2/27/07 9:40 AM, "Dave" <dave at looktowindward.com> wrote:
>> Hi Jim,
>> Ok, that's a good idea. What I would like is to be able to have just
>> one place that handles AppleEvents, I can ship the commands off to
>> wherever they are needed myself (I already have the mechanism for
>> this). How can I use "backScript" I've never used it before and not
>> really sure how I would go about setting this up.
> Very easy.
> The docs show this under "back    front    remove  the backscripts"
> put the script of btn scriptHolder into back
> answer the backscripts
> remove the script of btn scriptHolder from back
> answer the backscripts
> or
> put the script of fld dummyInvis into back
> answer the backscripts
> remove the script of btn scriptHolder from back
> answer the backscripts
> Sort of like the hokey pokey... you put your back script in, you  
> take your
> back script out.....
> Standalones are allowed 10, the dev environment is unlimited.
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