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> Hi,
> I'm curious as to how to replicate the behavior of the ask/answer dialogue
> windows on the Mac. These windows exhibit a couple of properties that I
> would like to utilize in order to build my own ask/answer dialogues, namely:
> - when an ask or answer window is present, you cannot interact with anything
> else on the screen other than with these windows. How is it possible to set
> this behavior for a stack of your own?
I didn't try it, but I think if you put a repeat for ever and a test for a
custom property or a global if there is something in it then to exit the
repeat might work. just make before you try it to put in an if,  like if the
option btn is down then exit repeat or such, you shouldn't be stuck.
> - how can one create a stack using Rev on the Mac and get that stack to
> assume the colouring of a default OS X window? When you create a stack, its
> default colour is white. I'd like to make stacks appear like default Mac OS
> X windows with the grey and subtle stripes in the background. When you build
> an interface using Xcode's Interface Builder, the windows are as they should
> be.
The same way you set the patterns write a stript
if the platform ="Macos" then
 set the backgroundpattern to 210091
Else if the platform = "win32" then
 set the backgroundpattern to ""
Set the backgroundcolor to gray (or match the color)
End if
End if

> Finally, one comment about a Rev quirk I don't understand. I think that when
> you create a stack on the Mac and you go to the "Size" area of the Stack
> Inspector, that if you turn the "Resizeable" option off, the option of
> maximizing a stack (using the green button on the top of the Mac window)
> should automatically be turned off. That is, if you deselect the
> "resizeable" check box, the controls for the stack should automatically be
> adjusted by default. It would be silly to not be able to pull open a stack
> but to still be able to maximize it.
Good question
> Cheers,
> Trevor Hopkins
> Exeter, UK
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