ANN: Vista "Gotchas" You Should Know About

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sat Feb 24 21:16:26 EST 2007

You want to know what's really strange? I'm using the very first Mac 
Firefox, V 1.0

It looks correct to me...

works like a champ.

And it doesn't work in 2.0??

>Stephen Barncard wrote:
>>>Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>>>It looks like Microsoft is now designing their site to work only 
>>>>with Microsoft Internet Exploder. --
>>This is pretty typical, but not true -- Firefox seems to do just 
>>fine with that strange-suffixed, non-standard browser file. (a new, 
>>four character file suffix?  how arrogant...)
>Hmmm...purged my cache, quit, restarted, looks exactly the same as 
>before in FireFox on my MacBook Pro:
>Looks like their style sheet isn't loading.  I wonder why this is 
>only happening here but not on yours....
>  Richard Gaskin


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