Ten Thumbs typing tutor on MacZOT

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Sat Feb 24 12:19:54 EST 2007


I can't answer you about concurrent discounts but the advantage of  
using MacZOT is the exposure, MacZOT heavily visited and it's users  
will buy things on impulse, it's the same thing as appearing on a  
Magazine, you get a little review and a boost on your sales. People  
that come to your site looking for your software usually know what  
they are looking for, people on maczot will refresh that page every  
24hrs just to be surprised on offers.

If MacZOT policy about concurrent discount is unknown, nothing is  
stopping you from inserting some kind of announcement on your page  
for the duration of the sale like: "Just today buy our wonderful  
software thru MacZOT and receive a huge discount... ".

It's usually a one day promo, so you can make workarounds.


On Feb 24, 2007, at 2:45 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Andre Garzia wrote:
>> check out if it is not our favorite scottish company on MacZOT   
>> offering a promo on their typing tutor.
>> www.maczot.com
>> Also, I think that anyone on the shareware business should  
>> consider  MacZOT for it's business, I my own bought dozens of  
>> software there,  it is almost addictive.
> Strange business model.  So basically, RunRev is running a discount  
> on Ten Thumbs, it just happens to be at a different site?
> Everything on the Internet is one click away.  Why MacZot over  
> RunRev.com?  And if someone buys from RunRev.com at the regular  
> price, and then discovers that they hadn't accidentally stumbled  
> across MacZot before they bought, how good to they feel about the  
> sales experience?
> I'm not opposed to the notion, just very wary of site-specific  
> pricing schemes.
> Anyone know if MacZot is opposed to the vendor running the same  
> discounted price at their own site concurrent with a MacZot offer?   
> That would seem ideal for all.
> I suppose I should just drop then a note....
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