Something that Drives me *CRAZY*

Martin Baxter mb.userev at
Fri Feb 23 20:04:33 EST 2007

Devin Asay wrote:
> On Feb 23, 2007, at 1:57 PM, Bob Warren wrote:
>> Dave wrote:
>>> I've been suffering in silence about this for ages!
>> Has anyone else been driven crazy by the way in which the IDE selects  
>> and then moves objects? What I mean is that it's way too easy to move  
>> an object just by selecting it. e.g. you select it with a mouse down  
>> and accidently move the mouse and then the objects shifts a couple of  
>> pixels. I think the mouse should be "de-bounced", e.g. any movement  
>> within a short period should be ignored, or better still it shouldn't  
>> move the object until it's been selected by a Mouse Down and a Mouse  
>> Up, then to move it you Mouse Down, or maybe you should only be able  
>> to move it by dragging a certain area.
>> Anyone agree???
>> _________________________________________________
>> Perhaps I'm missing something here, but doesn't the "Lock size and 
>> position" option in the control's properties solve this problem? Or 
>> would it be equally annoying to you to have to set this property for 
>> all your controls? If so, I would suggest putting forward the idea of 
>> a global property/switch to lock all controls.
>> Bob
> For me it's mostly annoying during the time after I've put controls onto 
> a card but before I've got them finally positioned. Once they're where I 
> want them, I lock their positions and it's not a problem anymore. If 
> there is a way "screen out" inadvertent moves associated with mouse 
> clicks, I'm all for it.
> Devin

If you can train yourself to select objects with a right-click instead 
of a left-click, the issue should go away as a right click doesn't drag. 
I have to admit I can't manage to retrain myself to do that, as it's not 
necessary in most other software. Course if you choose to use a 
one-button mouse, then you might not consider that an option anyway.

I have found that today's optical mice can benefit from being slowed 
down and having any sensitivity enhancements turned off. If you have 
such a mouse set up badly, even tiny movements can get interpreted as a 

Martin Baxter

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