Tri-state checkboxes

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Fri Feb 23 14:59:40 EST 2007

Another option would be to use a Custom Property set to keep track of  
which image to display. On openstack, determine the system type and  
set the custom prop set appropriately.

Brent Anderson
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On Feb 23, 2007, at 11:37 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On Fri, 23 Feb 2007 09:22:33 -0800, Mark Powell wrote:
>> Thanks to all for your suggestions, but they do not precisely fit  
>> what I
>> need.
>> The image solutions assume one look-and-feel...if the standalone  
>> were to
>> be run on Vista, for example, the image would have the wrong motif  
>> when
>> compared to the neighboring conventional checkboxes.  And Stephen's
>> solution uses disabled as the third state, which is not what I  
>> need.   I
>> need an enabled third state.
>> I am guessing this is not possible, but any other ideas are greatly
>> appreciated.
> Well, the closest you can get is to have a single image that shows the
> equivocal state that is put on top of a real checkbox, and is hidden.
> When the user clicks on the checkbox, you check the current state of
> the hilite and if it is true (checked), you show the equivocal  
> image on
> top and allow the mouseup to continue (which will change the checkbox
> to cleared (unchecked), but beneath the equivocal image. Then when the
> user clicks on the image, you have script that simply hides the image.
> Then to find out the "state" of the checkbox, you'd just check the
> visible of the image - if it's showing, you're in an equivocal state;
> if not, you take the hilite of the checkbox.
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