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Thu Feb 22 15:26:48 EST 2007

Excellent Jacque. Thanks. I'll give this a try. I knew I was just  
missing something obvious. And I actually do have code that sets my  
externals on startup, I just wasn't getting the path correct. This  
should help. Thanks again.

On Feb 22, 2007, at 12:02 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Chris Sheffield wrote:
>> I'm having a problem that I'm wondering if anyone else has  
>> experienced. This is OS X, btw.
>> I have an application that makes use of the revZip library. I have  
>> the standalone builder settings set to search for required  
>> inclusions. The first problem is that the revZip bundle does not  
>> get copied to my standalone, which I believe is a long outstanding  
>> bug, which I thought was supposed to have been fixed with 2.8. The  
>> second problem is that, even if I manually copy the revZip.bundle  
>> into my standalone package, the standalone errors when making a  
>> call to a revZip function. In other words, it's not finding the  
>> bundle. I have it copied to the Externals folder within the app  
>> bundle. I have also tried explicitly setting the externals of my  
>> stack, but I can't seem to get the path quite right to this  
>> Externals folder. The only way I've been able to get it to work  
>> without errors is to simply set the externals to "revzip.bundle"  
>> and then place the bundle directly next to my app bundle, not  
>> inside it. But I would really like to have this app be as self- 
>> contained as possible, so I'd prefer to have the revzip.bundle  
>> inside my app bundle.
>> First of all, has anyone else experienced these problems with the  
>> standalone builder Rev 2.8? I think I'm about ready to report them  
>> to runtime. And second, what should I set the path to in the  
>> externals property so that I can keep the revzip.bundle inside my  
>> app bundle? I think I'm just not getting it quite right. I'd  
>> prefer to use a relative path if possible. Should it be something  
>> like "./[AppBundleName]/Contents/MacOS/Externals/revzip.bundle"?  
>> Can anyone help?
> I always set externals dynamically on startup. This has always  
> worked for me:
> on startup
>  if the platform = "macos" then
>   set the externals of this stack to \
>     pathToBundleData() & "myExternal.bundle"
>  else
>   set the externals of this stack to \
>     pathToBundleData() & "myExternal.dll"
>  end if
> end startup
> function pathToBundleData
>   put the effective filename of this stack into tPath
>   set the itemDel to slash
>   delete last item of tPath
>   return tPath & "/Externals/"
> end pathToBundleData
> This sets the externals property to the Externals folder regardless  
> of whether it is inside a Mac bundle or in a folder next to the app  
> in a Windows standalone.
> Note that the startup message is the only time you can dynamically  
> set externals. I've had varying success with hard-coding the paths  
> into the stack, which is why I started doing it this way.
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